Proceeds from the show will be donated to various nonprofit organizations in the area including the California Auto Museum,  the Automotive Student Service Education Training (ASSET) Scholarship Foundation at Consumes River College.

  One of Non-profit organizations we will be supporting in 2018 is the Police Activities League of Rancho Cordova.

  The Rancho Cordova Police Activities League (PAL) is a youth crime prevention program that utilizes educational, athletic and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between police officers and the youth. The PAL program brings youth under the supervision and positive influence of a law enforcement agency, expands public awareness about the role of police officers, and reinforces the responsible values and attitudes instilled in young people by their parents

   Thanks to the many Club Members, some pictured above, who stepped up to help make our past Mustangs and Fords at the Marriott the successful car show that it is.  

   Club Members coming together working as a Team, pulled off the biggest Car Show in the last few years. This only shows that working as a team we can accomplish anything. Thank You.
   Now we need to look forward to 2019, the 23rd annual to see what we can do to make this Car Show stand out? What can we do as a team to improve our Car Show for our participants?

We would like to thank all those who participated and sponsored our past car shows. Thanks to you efforts, the S.A.M.C. has been able to donate thousands of dollars to local non-profit groups helping those in need in the Sacramento region.

Club Appreciation